Undiscovered Canvas promotes African Creative Industries in Europe and Africa, through identifiying markets and creating events that showcast the best of African creatives.
We believe that creative industries have the ability to drive the economy of countries, by creating wealth, innovation and competitiveness .
Created by Nomaza Nongqunga in 2015. Undiscovered Canvas has created art exhibitions for African visual artists in France and in South Africa, We have created opportunities for African litterature to be shown at the Paris Book Fair, and we have created events for African Film Makers in markerts taking place in Cannes.
Nomaza Nongqunga was born in South Africa, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree from Bloemfontein Tecknikon and came to France in 2009, where she represents various African artists.
Undiscovered Canvas also offers the luxury of shipping art works to Europe for storage, exhibitions, sales and auctions in collaboration with a network of financial and legal advisers.
« Immediately when I arrived in France I realised how culture can be used to educate, empower, and give economical freedom to people. I also saw that African artists where not represented enough in Europe.
I realised there and then that there was a role I needed to play, however it took me 4 years before putting together my first exhibition. I also had to empower myself by learning the French language, culture, history and by working side by side with French people. This made me learn and understand my market better.
In June 2017 my work got noticed by the French President Mr Macron, who then asked me to join a group called CPA (Presidentail Council for Africa) of 11 Africans to advise him on the contemporary Africa, in so doing helping him make better policies for Africa.

My role was to advise him on culture. This job I did voluntary until July 2018, when I was requested to coordinate the sponsorship for the Season 2020, a project born out of the suggestion from the CPA. This function I held until December 2018″.

In 2019 Undiscovered Canvas launched the 1st art residency by a South African women on the French Riviera and 100 % funded by Undiscovered Canvas.

The residency program is aimed at inspiring young African artists through learning about the French culture and living experiences in France, and to enable productive collaborations between French artists and the young African artists.

“You can't help it. An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times.”

Nina Simone