Nthabiseng Boledi Kekana x Makwande Art Residency


In the French summer of 2023 we had the pleasure of inviting our youngest and third recipient to the Makwande Art Residency, South African visual artist Nthabiseng Boledi Kekana in partnership with La Station in Nice. In this short film she takes us through her experience in France and the birth of her series " Di Thapelo Tsa Barapedi " meaning "The Prayers of my Ancestors".

Born in Johannesburg, and raised by a protective single mother, her landing in France thrust her into dazzling unfamiliarity. Kekana describes feeling – Black, something she’d never had to consider as a native in her own country. Her first 2 weeks were charged with such a sense of otherness in skin colour, language, and navigation. Her culture shock and disorientation needed to be given room to breathe instead of being swallowed whole with a gulp of gratitude. In choosing to not betray herself, Kekana allowed the discomfort of her early days in residency to cast her into a cocoon. Novel experiences, no matter how opportune, can be jarring. It takes courage to realise this and give ourselves the space we need to adjust in order to show up authentically.

This is her story....


Film produced by @fromthebayfrance
Directed by @mrradulovic
Creative Director : Nomaza Nongqunga Coupez

We would like to thank our sponsors Velvetvelo & Mamiwata for supporting us.