The creation of a Presidential Council for Africa is in line with Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promises regarding a revitalization of the partnership between France and the African continent.
This means giving a new face to the relationship between Africa and France by including a balanced number of prominent members from France and Africa from civil society. Responsible for providing fresh views on President Macron’s policy on Africa, the council will be made up of some ten  prominent figures from civil society. These people were chosen for their
investment in the relationship between Africa and France in such areas as entrepreneurship, health, sport and culture. French-speaking, but not necessarily from an African Francophone country, what sets them apart is their action to further the development of the African continent and their commitment to working to develop a partnership of shared opportunities
for France and Africa.
From very different backgrounds, the council members are appointed to share their knowledge about issues Africa is facing today with President Macron and to provide a different vision of our country’s relationship with the African continent. The form of the council is innovative, revitalizing the traditional governance of France’s policy on Africa, as is its substance, providing a new component focused on the future and expectations of young African and French people.
I was blessed enough to be chosen to be a member of the CPA, I did this job voluntary until June 2018, were I was requested to coordinate the sponsorship committe for the Season Africa 2020 until December 2018.