The objective of Undiscovered Canvas since its conception has been to give Access to young emerging artists from Africa, through creating events in France that showcast their works, however in the past 2 years we have realised that inspiration and sharing of knowledge would also benefit the young artists from Africa.

It is for these reasons that Undiscovered Canvas has partnered with Mekanova Gallery to create their 1st residency in France.

Our aims are :

  • Inspire young african artists through learning about the French culture and living experiences in France
  • Collaborations between French artists and the young African artists
  • Learning new techniques and new forms of artistic expressions
  • Give them access to new markets

Giggs Kgole was chosen by Undiscovered Canvas as the 1st recipient of
the residency, he lived and worked in Vallauris, France for 6 months.
Undiscovered Canvas organised 3 solo exhibitions between France and
London. During his residency he received the following recognitions:

– Mail & Guardian | one of the 200 young SA breaking barriers
– Finalist for Young Master Prize in London

Undiscovered Canvas and Mekanova have previously produced 2 exhibitions in Cannes were Giggs Kgole was featured ( Reflections on being black and Impossible until Done) these two exhibitions showed the rare talent that Giggs Kgole has, and captured the interest of the French market.