About Us


Undiscovered Canvas head hunts the best talents from Africa, we look for individuals with determination, ambitions, who use technology in innovative ways and who create narratives that are inspiring, educative and are cross-cultural and cross borders.

Founded in 2017, Undiscovered Canvas promotes  African Creative Industries  in Europe and Africa, through identifying markets and building events that showcast the best of African creatives.

We believe that creative industries have the ability to drive the economy of countries, by creating wealth, innovation and competitiveness .

Through hard work and consistency we have build great relations that have resulted in the production of numerous art exhibitions, between France, London and South Africa. We have created opportunities for African literature to be shown at the Paris Book Fair, and we have created events for African Film Makers in markets taking place in Cannes, like the Cannes Film Festival and MIPCOM.

On average, our visual artists have seen their works grow by 100% in value year-on-year. Our strategic marketing and communication have made them gain credibility in the industry and increased their exposure.

Through our art residency we mentor, empower our artists with new skills and inspired them through the living experiences of being in France.



Nomaza, was born in Ngqeleni, a little village, within the Eastern Cape, of  South Africa. The third child in a family of  five children. After studying Biomodical Technology in the Free State at the Central University of Technology, she worked in private laboratories like Pathcare and Ampath between 2003 – 2007, and later became a Medical Representative for Novonordisk, before moving to France in 2009, where she is resident and married. 


On arrival in France, Nomaza realised how the significance of culture as a vehicle to educate, empower, and give economical freedom to young persons despite color or background, she also saw that African art and creatives where not adequately represented in Europe, and how that representation could be used to promote cross cultural understanding and improve the economic position of African artistes.  That realisation drove Nomaza to establish Undiscovered Canvas an African Promotion Agency. Four years later, withstanding all the odds and challenges, Nomaza was able to put together her first exhibition. Along the way, she empowered herself too, learning the French language, culture, history and by working side by side with French people, in order to help Undiscovered Canvas serve the French market better. 


Perhaps based on the measured impact of Undiscovered Canvas, In 2017, Nomaza was appointed by the French President Mr Emmanuel Macron, to serve on the Conseil Presidential pour Afrique (CPA). A group made up of  11 Africans to advise President Macron on the contemporary Africa, in so doing helping him make better policies for Africa.

HOWEVER, her pride is the Art residency she lauched In 2019, the 1st art residency by a South African women on the French Riviera and 100 % funded by Undiscovered Canvas. The residency program is aims at inspiring young African artists through learning about the French culture and living experiences in France, and to enable productive collaborations between French artists and the young African artists.